NOTE: This documentation is related to an integration that is currently being piloted with a limited number of schools and districts to improve the outcomes of students with diverse needs. We hope to release it more broadly in the near future. If you are interesting in participating in this unique pilot, please reach out to our support team

We are exciting about innovating inclusive education together.

This powerup consists of three components:

  1. Students can be tagged with their special education status and classifications
  2. Within mastery reports, where relevant strategies exist for a given student/standard, an icon will appear to the right with access to the strategy details.  One or more strategy can be “flagged for use” and the system will track these.
  3. Once flagged, a strategy will be added to the student’s Learning Biography, a new sub-tab within the student detail view in JumpRope.  Within this view, you can see all flagged strategies across all teachers and standards.  You can also rate a strategy’s effectiveness.

Viewing or editing classifications:


Viewing suggested strategies within a mastery report:

Accessing the Learning Biography: